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Improve Your Game: Poaching in Doubles

December 6, 2019. ADVERTISEMENT. Ben Zaiser, Head Tennis Professional at the USTA National Campus, offers a great doubles tip to help you determine the best time to poach. By keying on where your opponent is hitting from, you can make a smart, strategic decision on when to be aggressive at the net. Learn about different poaching scenarios in the video below.

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7 Tips For Poaching In Tennis [Find Out Exactly When To Poach!]

Beginner Tips For Poaching In Tennis. Now, I’ll show you when to poach in doubles for beginners or anyone who isn’t as aggressive at the net. These 3 poaching tips will help you get started and develop your confidence at the net. Tip #5: Poach When The Opponent Has a Backhand. Poaching is all about reading the opponent.

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When is the right time to poach when you’re playing doubles? That is the topic of today’s video tennis lesson! I’ve many times heard it suggested that you should make your move on the poach when your partner’s serve hit’s the service box. I’m definitely not a fan of that and in the video above I’ll explain why.

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Tennis Doubles Strategy in Poaching. The server’s partner is easily the most overlooked impact on whether the server holds or otherwise. It is definitely the attention that the net player commands which may put pressure on the returner that will actually get you more free points than you thought were possible. We all know the return of serve is amongst the complicated shots in tennis as well as time that the highest variety of errors is made, nevertheless with a dynamic net player within ...

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Doubles Strategy, Part 4: Poaching Using the Australian Formation. Choose your time to pounce wisely.

Tennis Doubles Strategy (2021 Update) All You Need To Know

Poach when the net player crosses the opposing side of the court to cut the tennis ball. The poaching and faking out your opponent’s strategy when playing doubles works best if you have a reputation as a tennis player who patches. Your opponents are likely to anticipate your move, so you stir things by faking out the opposing player.